Create your digital pitch deck

Introbangla makes professional digital pitches and presentations for you that will win over your investor and bring results. Share pitch decks and presentations as direct links and track how your clients interact with your content.

Make pitches that sell

A successful pitch has to sell. To do that, it needs to engage and surprise the audience you’re pitching to. Printed pitches no longer engage and you can’t surprise anyone with a PowerPoint presentation. By creating your digital pitch deck, your interactive digital publication with a smart page turn effect and stunning visuals that your clients, partners, and investors will love. And if you want, you can create a portfolio gallery for your company in the presentation too.

Enrich with interactivity

Transform your customize digital pitch deck into an engaging visual and interactive experience by adding colorful GIFs, entertaining videos, and links to relevant sources. This way, you will be able to convey your message in different formats within one presentation.

Brand as your own

Don’t miss an opportunity to spread brand awareness with your presentation! You can add a clickable logo leading back to your website, upload a custom favicon, or even brand the links to your publications removing all mentions above.

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