Ibnul Kais Aryan

Ibnul Kais is a Startup ecosystem builder, a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur in the ICT industry, business analyst, and he has over 10 years of experience in the ICT industry and as an academician.

With a practical business background, his focus has been on strategic roles to identify where technology innovation, product, operational change, or process improvement would result in increased customer value or reduced costs.

A self-starting dynamic, versatile, and results orientated leader with an excellent ability to create, communicate, align and deliver corporate strategy, engage stakeholders, lead business and operational change, and drive products from concept through to implementation on a global scale delivering strong ROI.

Keen personal and professional interest in mentoring early-stage startups and research into emerging technology – focus on IoT, AI, and Machine Learning as a basis for re-defining current and future business models.

Ibnul Kais is currently the MD & CEO of Introbangla Limited,
Introbangla is a digital transformation consultancy and startup generator company that delivers outsourcing solutions for local and global organizations and technology startups. Since 2014 he has been helping companies and startups and established brands reimagine their business through digitalization.

He also served as the CEO of CARBANGLA Limited, A TransTech & OOH on vehicle Ad-Tech startup that connects Users & Brands with vehicles to create effective rides & on-vehicle advertising. Since 2016 he has been responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He leads the design of Carbangla’s service and the development of its core technology and infrastructure. During the initial days, he served as the Founder MD & CEO at CARBANGLA Limited:

  • To manage the full business, project analysis, plan, idea generation, design, and full software implementation.
  • Role as CTO and develop full UX & UI of Carbangla and QA for software.
  • To develop and design the web for the company.
  • To consult the client and investor.
  • Making projects file for investors.
  • Managing marketing plan for field and digital marketing.
  • Planning customer acquisition.
  • To lead the creative team for marketing and branding.
  • Overseeing daily business operations.
  • Developing and implementing growth strategies.
  • Training associate-level staff.
  • Creating and managing budgets.
  • Improving revenue.
  • Evaluating performance and productivity.
  • Analyzing accounting and financial data.
  • Researching and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Generating reports and giving presentations.

He also served as the Founder & MD of Tutor Bazaar, A EduTech startup, the first online HOMEWORK platform dedicated to the development of essential soft skills in kids and teens. Tutor Bazaar was born out of the tutoring experiences of the founder and CEO, Ibnul Kais Aryan. Tutor Bazaar started its journey in 2005. Tutor Bazaar provides premium at-home tutoring, online tutoring, instant online tutoring, online homework support, and test paper services for the last 16 years. He used to run one of the best English Medium coaching centers from 2005 to 2015.