Shaping for an academic Schooling Marketplace dedicated to the development of essential soft skills in K-12 and learners.

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The leading online Schooling Marketplace for learning and instruction that transforms the classroom experience with a mixed learning approach to maximize learning outcomes. With an online live learning platform and offline master classes, Schooling conducts and distributes real-time academic tutoring that helps students be productive and solve their educational problems with their needs through Schooling.

Business Model & Revenue Line

Sector: EdTech /  Business Model: B2B2C / Focus Area: Academic Schooling, Textbook Schooling, 1-on-1 home tutoring, 1-on-1 online tutoring, Online homework revision, mock test paper, Book Store, Video learning & courses.

Revenue Lines of Schooling

  • Subscription fees for the academic learning from the student
  • Online tutoring commission from the tutor
  • 1-on-1 home tutoring commission from the tutor
  • Selling course, test paper, mock paper & QPS
  • Tutor’s registration fee
  • Online book store(Open library- Anyone can display their books for sale)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Sponsorship

Product & Features

Schooling offers students a virtual learning experience to achieve any goal with live online classes, personalized 1-on-1 online tutoring, and complete learning-at-home solutions.

_It is for an authorized student
_Access to online tutoring from any tutor from anywhere
_Access to textbook solution for free and mock test paper
_ Access to rewatch, relearn, and review sessions
_Access to offline private one-on-one tutoring
_Pay subscription only when learning

Schooling offers tutors physically and online to teach students from anywhere using our purpose-built Live Learning Platform–designed to create truly engaging experiences.

_It is for an authorized tutor
_Expand client base to include students from around the world
_Conveniently tutor or teach from wherever tutor feels most at ease
_Access to create tutoring portfolios and courses
_Access to textbook solution for free and mock test paper
_Pay commission only when tutoring

Schooling offers parents supplemental academic help outside of regular school hours for their children. Highly qualified professionals deliver instruction, clarify any questions that students may have, and assist children with class assignments or homework and test paper.

_It is for authorized parents
_Access to follow student’s performance daily, weekly or monthly
_Access to follow homework revision from student
_Access to follow tutor’s attendance and duration each day, date and time
_Access to track student’s studying duration each day
_Access to follow the entire school’s activities of the student
_Pay subscription monthly after creating an account

Schooling delivers academic textbook solutions and courses for every school for all classes.

_It is for authorized schools.
_Allow making courses and make them available for students.
_Allow online 1-on-1 or small group classes after school.
_Student will pay course fee while learning.


Schooling platform has a unique set of tools that allow Students, Tutors, Parents & Schools to actively engage in education in creative and collaborative ways while making the learning process easier and more fun.

1. will be an online document collaboration tool that helps anyone collaborate in real-time. Think of Bit as an empty canvas, where teachers can add and integrate whatever they want to make their document, reports, and assignments interesting for their students

2. Equity Maps
Equity Maps will allow teachers to be in the loop of their students’ involvement during lectures. Teachers are able to create groups and monitor their involvement through the platform, and will be prompted to create seating maps that will record a student as they speak. Equity Maps allows teachers to be aware of how much each student has participated during lectures.

3. Go Noodle
Go Noodle will encourage kids to get out of their seats and allows them to be more active and energetic. The platform consists of videos that were designed specifically to get children to be more physically active in the classroom.

4. Flip Grid
A Social Learning tool, Flip Grid will be used by teachers and students in order to enhance their teaching and learning processes respectively. These grids can be shared with an entire classroom, or smaller groups of people if preferred, and can be responded to with a short video response.

5. NearPod
NearPod will integrate with other learning platforms such as Schoology and Canvas, and provides teachers with the opportunity to create interactive lessons online! NearPod allows teachers to create using polls, open-ended questions, quizzes, 3D objects, Draw It and even VR.

6. Kahoot!
Kahoot! will be a game-based learning platform that enables educators to make learning more fun. The ability to create games, trivia questions and more creative methods of learning allows students to actively participate and have a good time doing so.

7. Book Creator
Book Creator will allow educators and students to create ebooks online. Teachers and educators can create interactive resources that can be shared with their students, while the students are encouraged to explore their creativity by creating books based on their learning.

8. RealWorldMath
With the help of Sketchup and Google Earth, RealWorldMath will give students a better understanding of certain mathematical concepts using real-world math problems, which in turn shows perfectly how math can be relevant to daily life.

This visual bookmarking tool will help both students and educators to organize content they find online and share it through the multiple integrations on the platform. These links can be shared as a visual web page, visual newsletters or can be embedded onto your website.

10. Explain Everything
Design, animate and narrate your lessons with this collaborative whiteboard app and collaborate with students through the app itself! Explain Everything reduces the need to set up appointments with students and allows both students and educators to collaborate and give feedback in real-time.

11. Goosechase
Goosechase will allow teachers to organize scavenger hunts for students in which they will need to find items assigned in the real world, take photos of them and post it on the app. Team points are kept track of in the app so that you are aware of the team with the most points. The app provides a fun learning experience, that’s interactive and helps students with their team-building skills.

12. Bloomz
Bloomz will connect educators and parents in a secure environment, allowing parents to be involved and connected in their child’s education. With Bloomz, teachers are able to communicate with parents using the app that features everything they would need in one place, while reducing the amount of times communication is missed between the two parties.

13. Stop Motion Studio
Stop Motion Studio will enable users to create stop motion videos, allowing students to work with a more creative medium. Stop Motion is a great way to encourage students to explore their creativity and to get them excited about learning and creating!

14. Quizizz
With Quizizz, teachers will create quizzes around specific topics and have their students participate. Quizizz is a great alternative to giving weekly tests and provides a fun way for students to challenge themselves.

15. Project Pals
Project Pals will focus on collaboration by providing a space for teachers and students to work together on different projects. It also helps you organize assignments and group projects, while the real-time collaboration workspace allows students to visualize information and solve problems in one space.

16. BoomWriter
An online collaborative writing tool, BoomWriter will help students develop their writing skills. For teachers, BoomWriter offers pre-made lesson plans that provide various writing techniques to introduce to students so that they can build on their writing skills.

17. SpiderScribe
SpiderScribe will be a great tool that helps teachers and students brainstorm ideas about projects and assignments! It allows you to add images that you can organize and link together, and also gives you ideas if you have a problem understanding concepts.

18. Remind
Remind will be an effective app that reduces the need for in-person meetings or daily calls. It ensures that teachers, students and even parents can communicate through one platform, where students and parents can also be informed of any schedule changes, updates or reminders.

19. EdPuzzle
EdPuzzle will allow teachers to educate their students with videos. Teachers can check if students are watching the videos provided, and can introduce interactive video lessons with their own voice narration!

20. CueThink
CueThink will be a math tool that focuses on helping students solve math problems, encouraging them to share their solutions, get feedback and improve! It makes math more accessible and easy as students will continue to learn from any mistakes.

Not yet Equity

Raise Source: Founders

Ibnul Kais Aryan

Ibnul Kais Aryan

Founder MD & CEO

Al Shahriar Rahi

Co-founder & CTO
  • Product risk- No, as it is homemade assets. We created various startup projects before.
  • Market risk- No, endless demand.
  • Financial risk- No, extreme revenue generated program from the beginning. Maximum 2 years needed for the break-even.
  • Management risk- No, Highly qualified and 16 years experience in the education sector. 1st ever EdTech startup in Bangladesh 2011-2014.
  • Team risk- No, Minimum resources make maximum output.
  • Cyber risk- No, compact secure from all sides.
  • Academic Learning & Instruction K-12
  • International Curriculum
  • Mock Test Paper for all Classes
  • Instant Tutoring
  • Online Homework Help
  • Free online tutoring for needy students(Approx. 100,000 every year)
  • Online Bookstore  
  • 16 years Tutoring, Coaching & Consultant experience


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24 Months

Burning for platform development

2 Years Max

For break-even from starting time

3 Years Starting Time





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In the financial year 2020, India’s most valued EdTech start-up BYJU’S – The Learning App reported net revenue of around 28 billion Indian rupees.




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